Our vision

We believe that more people should do work that they’re passionate about, that builds on their strengths and gives them opportunities to grow.

At the same time, more companies should find it easy to attract like-minded individuals, that have the skills that they require and job expectations that they can fairly meet.

We started WorkValues with the ambition to enable greater career mobility and to create a better experience for both companies and talent in the process of identifying each other.

Some of us have been fortunate enough to work for companies that we'd never want to leave, some hopped from job to job trying to find a place we truly resonate with. We want to bring the right people in the right organizations so they can both thrive and achieve more.

Our values


We want to create products that help people achieve more today, but also evolve to stay relevant to their needs in the future.


We do things that we like and we have fun, because joy is a natural part of work and it fuels our capacity to create amazing results.


We’re not afraid to take bold action and swim against the current, even if it creates discomfort for us.


We strive to have great functionality, but also to build beautiful products that people enjoy using.


We aim to build software and relationships based on trust and respect, always working to create value for all our stakeholders.

Organic development

We think long term, but we allow our company and platform to develop naturally, and adapt on the way.

The Founders

Alvin Stănescu

Alvin worked at Microsoft and the Technical University of Munich, where he built software for business applications, medical research and the automotive industry.

Alina Stoica

Alina has a background in business development, having shaped and managed the pre-sales operation of Queue-it, one of the fastest growing tech start-ups in Denmark.

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