Frequently asked questions

Hiring? Check the Employers FAQ.

Frequently asked questions (candidates)

How can I discover relevant jobs?

We’ll make a ranked list of relevant jobs for you based on the preferences you shared with us. You can always refine your preferences to receive more and better recommendations.

Can I see all jobs and companies?

Yes, at any time you can see all the jobs and companies we have on the platform and manually search through them if that’s what you prefer.

Can I message recruiters?

You can reach out to all recruiters with inquiries at any time, directly from the job page.

How do I apply for a job?

For most of our positions, you can apply directly through a message and your WorkValues profile, which we recommend having filled with as many details as possible to increase your chances of getting an interview. In some cases, however, employers can choose to redirect you to an external link, so you can apply there.

How do I find out about new positions?

We recommend keeping our weekly matches notification email enabled, to stay up to date with all relevant positions that appear on the platform.

When am I eligible for a signing bonus?

Some of our positions qualify for a signing bonus of 250 EUR, given in Amazon gift cards. This is a reward we generally give to candidates that get hired on some of our more difficult to fill positions and is marked accordingly on the job page. In order to receive this bonus, send us proof of employment as soon as you sign an agreement with one of our employers.

Frequently asked questions (employers)

How can candidates find my job?

Every candidate will receive an up-to-date ranked list with all jobs relevant to them. We only display jobs that have a match score of at least 45% and you will be ranked highest in the job list of candidates that best fit your profile. High ranking candidates will also be regularly notified of your job position via direct email.

How long will my job be active?

In the pay per hire model, your job can remain active on the platform for an unlimited period, as long as you confirm to us that the position is still open every 3 months. In the pay per job model, your job will remain active as long as you choose, but will be billed monthly. If we are unable to bill you for the next month, we will notify you and move your job to a draft state.

How do I find relevant candidates?

Listings under a pay per hire agreement will receive a continuously updated list of ranked candidates that best fit their job requirements. Listings under a pay per job agreement will receive up to 12 new matches each month. All candidates that you get access to have a match score of at least 45%.

How many candidates can I contact?

You can reach out directly to everyone whose profiles you get access to through your feed of recommended candidates. For jobs using the pay per hire model, the feed is updated every day, while for other jobs it is updated monthly.

When do I have to pay?

Under the pay per hire agreement, you only pay if you employ a candidate that you discovered through Under the pay per job agreement, you pay upfront, before publishing the job. For free trials, you only pay if you want to continue with our candidates.

How do I know if more relevant candidates sign up after I post the job?

Pay per hire clients can sign up for our weekly newsletter informing them of any new relevant candidates registering on the platform. Pay per job clients will be given access to up to 12 new matches monthly. In case no matches are found in the current billing cycle, their new matches will be instantly re-calculated if they update the job.

Can I edit a job after publishing it?

You can make any changes to your jobs after publishing them. For the pay per hire positions we make an initial review of your ad and an account manager from will help you optimize your job ad before publishing it.