Terms & Conditions


WorkValues is a platform that matches candidates with jobs and organizations that fit their needs and preferences. We provide a space for recruiters to advertise their open positions and for candidates to effectively identify relevant job opportunities for them.

The following document describes the rights and obligations you take on when you sign up to become a user on our platform and it is a legally-binding agreement between you and Lunar Enterprises SRL, the owner of lunarcareeers.com.


Service age requirement

The minimum age required in order to use our services is 16. However, if the law in your country requires you to be older in order to use our services without parental control, then your country’s minimum age will apply.

Accounts and password

You can only register on our platform as either a recruiter or a job seeker, and you cannot change that role later on. If you wish to use the functionality of the other type of account, you can create a new user with a different email address.


You agree to receive service emails from us and that it is your responsibility to keep your contact information updated. Service emails include highly important information about your account such as updates of these terms and conditions, the privacy policy, data breach notifications, termination of services etc.

Payment and fees

While parts of the platform are free of charge, we charge for the job posts that are published on our website and we provide this service as a subscription. Unless you explicitly terminate your contract with us, the subscription will continue automatically into the next billing period.

In order to ensure a proper processing of your request, you must inform us about your option to terminate the services 7 days before the renewal date of your subscription.

Any transactions fees or related taxes that the purchase of our services might entail, are your sole responsibility.

The above payment terms do not apply during the beta-phase of the product, during which all features are free to use.

At the end of the beta-phase, all job posts will continue to be live (and free) for a period of 10 working days, at the end of which we will temporarily disable the ones associated to accounts without an active subscription. A service email will notify all subscribers of this change.


You have the right to terminate your agreement with us at any given time, however in the case of paid services, we don’t offer any refunds. You will be liable to pay until the end of your initially agreed contractual period.

Your responsibilities

When signing up for our platform, you agree to use it in a professional, ethical, non-harmful, non-discriminatory manner towards other members of the community. When joining our platform, you agree with the following list of responsibilities and the risk of your account being restricted, suspended or deleted in the case of violation of these rules.

  1. Provide real information about yourself, such as name, previous experience, skills etc.
  2. Use an appropriate picture as your profile picture (logo in the case of company profiles, headshot in the case of individuals), that actually represents you and doesn’t mislead the audience. Any pictures that display inadequate, offensive or disturbing content, will be banned.
  3. Use real contact information. It’s important that we keep you informed about any legal or system information that concerns your account and we can only do so based on accurate contact details that you provide to us.
  4. Don’t promote any content on your account or post jobs related to prostitution, arms or drugs trade.
  5. Don’t use the platform for any activity that violates the laws of the European Union.
  6. Don’t post jobs that contain discriminatory criteria such as gender, religion, age, color or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws or regulations.
  7. Don’t spread misinformation, share fake content or misrepresent a company and its brand in any way.
  8. Don’t communicate with other members on the platform in an abusing, violent or disrespectful way.
  9. If you sign up for a recruiter account, you must provide an accurate company email in order for us to be able to verify your affiliation with your organization.

Rights and limitations

Intellectual property

Any material that you are sharing on our platform, such as pictures, video or text, is your own intellectual property and we take no ownership of it. It is your responsibility to make sure you are legally allowed to share this content and are not infringing on anyone’s copyright.

You are not allowed to alter, misuse, display or reproduce any of the proprietary content of Lunar Enterprises SRL, including marketing materials, website design, logo or written content, without our prior consent.

You agree that we may display your company name or logo on our website for marketing purposes at any given time.

System management

You agree that we are allowed to make updates to our software throughout the period of your contract, take our entire website down for maintenance purposes or discontinue our service at any time, without any prior notice.

No warranties or representations

Lunar Enterprises SRL and its affiliates and suppliers don’t make any warranty or representation, including warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy of data or non-infringement. You agree that the service is provided “as is”, with no guarantees that it will run without interruption or errors.

Limitation of Liability

Lunar Enterprises SRL will not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages that might result from you using our service (including, but not limited to loss of revenue, profits, data, opportunities or reputation).

The liability of Lunar Enterprises SRL and its affiliates and suppliers will be limited to the lesser of the value of the most recent contract made with the customer or US $1000.

Legal disputes

These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Romania. You agree that the Romanian Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any legal dispute.

Other information

Policy changes

We might make changes to these terms for a number of reasons, such as complying with the latest regulatory requirements or making it relevant to the stage of development of our services. You will be informed by any such modifications before they enter into force. If we don’t hear any explicit objection from you, we’ll consider you have agreed with the new conditions.

Contact information

If you need any further clarifications regarding this policy or want to make a request regarding your data, you can email us at info [at] workvalues.io .